Southside Art therapy and Counselling provides a variety of services which can assist with a broad range of issues, including the following:


  • Managing life transitions
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Parenting stress
  • Chronic illness
  • Grief and trauma


  • Managing emotions and behaviour
  • Separation and other anxieties
  • Learning problems
  • Social skills


  • Low mood
  • Relationships with parents and/or peers
  • School pressure
  • Identity, self-image

Services available

  • Art therapy for children, young people and adults who are interested in exploring personal challenges using a creative approach
  • Support and counselling for parents who wish to improve their interaction with their children or teenagers to increase empathy and effectiveness
  • Supervision for human service professionals – especially those who may be seeking to use creative approaches in their work (including art therapists and expressive therapists)
  • Counselling for individuals who wish to use verbal therapy (talk therapy) to explore their personal issues and challenges
  • Art based team building activities using a creative approach
  • School or home visits (by arrangement and according to availability)
  • Walk and talk therapy in a convenient location
  • Telehealth via an online platform including phone or Zoom
  • And more – contact us with your unique query