• B. App. Sc. (Clin. Sc.) M. Health Sc. (Osteo)
  • Registered Osteopath

Dr Arie’s interest in osteopathy was initially inspired by seeing an Osteopath treatment of his own sports injuries as a young athlete.

He has an extensive history working with elite athletes diagnosing and treating sports injuries and assisting his clients return to their peak health and performance through Exercise Rehabilitation.

Since becoming an Osteopath, Arie has enjoyed seeing the positive effect Osteopathy can have on everyone from office workers, athletes, weekend warriors, those managing chronic pain and the elderly.

Arie uses a variety of hands-on osteopathic techniques to suit the individual needs of his clients including trigger point release, specific soft tissue release and stretching, mobilisation and manipulation. Based on assessment of your movement, symptoms, and structure, Arie will design a treatment aimed at bringing the systems of your body back into balance and help you feel better than ever.