• Master of Osteopathy 2007
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Complementary Medicine) 2004

Shea is a second generation osteopath and had his first osteopathic treatment when he was 5 minutes old.

Learning the techniques and experience passed on from his father, Ross Trattler, who was a well-known osteopath and author based in Hawaii and later the Gold Coast.

Father and son worked together for several years and co-authored the latest edition of ‘Better Health Through Natural Healing’ which has now sold over 1 million copies.

During his Masters degree at RMIT in Melbourne, Shea researched the importance of spinal stability and core strength in low back pain.

Spinal stability is the principle that pilates is based on, looking into the research has informed his practice in treatment and exercise prescription. He now mentors university students to continue to pass on his knowledge.

Now with 12+ years experience as an osteopath, Shea has treated from all walks of life, all age groups and with a wide scope of problems.

He believes in longer treatment sessions to enable time for people to relax into the treatment while working to improve and educate his clients to achieve better health.

Shea has developed a personal interest in treating scoliosis. Having scoliosis himself, he knows firsthand the effects this condition can have on the body and the most beneficial treatments, management and exercises.

Shea Trattler

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