• 2009 – Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture)
  • 2012 – Bachelor of Arts (Ext Major in Chinese Language, Minor in Religion)
  • 2015 – First Class Honours in Arts (Chinese Language)
  • 2019 – Masters of Health Science (Chinese Herbal Medicine)

I had my first acupuncture treatment in 2005, and during that treatment I was convinced to study Chinese medicine. I would then go and observe my teacher in her clinic while I was a student until I graduated, and then joined her clinic. After graduating, I joined my teachers clinic, but I also began to study Chinese language at University of Queensland. By studying the language I was able to open up a world of literature that is otherwise inaccessible. I spent 2012 living in China, in a city called Jinan south of Beijing, where I studied the language. In 2015, I then completed my honours in classical Chinese language by writing a thesis on Yin and Yang in early philosophical texts. 

I graduated my herbal studies in 2019, in the same cohort as Jade. During my studies I went to China twice more to study with the esteemed classical formula professor Dr Huang Huang, where I was able to spend several weeks watching him in clinic and witnessing his meticulous use of herbal formulas. 

Also, in 2019 I published my first translation of an acupuncture text titled Explanations of Channels and Points (Vol 1), which was originally published in Qing dynasty in 1693 CE. Since then, I have been involved many more projects involving Chinese medical texts, and also have more that we are working on. 

I have spoken at national conferences on acupuncture, history and Chinese medicine theory. I have also lectured online to groups from the United States, South Americas and various European countries on acupuncture, diagnostics and treatments. I have also lectured at Endeavour College of Natural Health for the last 6 years, predominantly mentoring the students in the student clinic.

In my own clinic, I have a keen interest in internal medicine, treated with both acupuncture and herbal medicine, which is unfortunately often overshadowed by musculoskeletal issues in the West (which it is amazing for!).

I feel very lucky and privileged to be a part of this team, and working with Jade in the Chinese medicine department.


2019 – Explanations of Channels and Points (Vol 1) – Translator

2020 – Explanations of Channels and Points (Vol 1) – Editor

2021 – Explanations of Channels and Points (Vol 2) – Translator

2021 – Archelogy of the Qiao Vessels – Editor